Not So Random Software #35 - This is Water

Hello everyone and welcome back to Not So Random Software!

This week has been one of reflection and thinking. It's often the case that I need multiple days to shut my conscious mind off and let the subconscious silently emerge. Often this process leads to thinking about your values, longer-term goals, and appreciation of what you have.

Enjoy the random walk!

One article or paper

Heaven Beside You…Hell Within

I love this article as it's a great reminder that whenever you go, you are bringing yourself with you.

We think we can escape from our job. From our problems. From our depression. From our low-grade dissatisfaction with our ordinary lives. But what do we find when we arrive to the exotic location? After we check in to the hotel or the Airbnb? We find, after the rush wears off, that we don’t feel any different. We brought ourselves with us…the true source of our unhappiness.

One video or podcast

This is water - commencement speech

David Foster Wallace's 2005 commencement speech to the graduating class at Kenyon College, is a timeless trove of wisdom. It's a reminder that we are self-centered by default and most of the time we do not realize what's happening around us. Our education is what empowers us to choose what to think, and not how to think.

One book

Modern Front-end development for Rails

You probably have noticed already, but web development is getting more and more complex each year. If you need some guidance on how to approach the latest frontend challenges with Rails, this book does an excellent job.

One tool

Bmg: A Ruby Relational Algebra

This tool is for the Rubyist out there who do a lot of in-memory data querying. A relational algebra (like SQL) can be very powerful to slice and dice your dataset. The fact you are not backed by a database shouldn't be a limiting factor to use this marvellous abstraction!

One line of code

Ok it's meant to be one line of code...but I can't resist the temptation of posting the beauty of this minimalist state machine (Github here) written in Ruby. It's just 56 lines and it's as clear and simple as it can be! ❤️ Ruby

class MicroMachine   InvalidEvent =   InvalidState =    attr_reader :transitions_for   attr_reader :state    def initialize(initial_state)     @state = initial_state     @transitions_for =     @callbacks = { |hash, key| hash[key] = [] }   end    def on(key, &block)     @callbacks[key] << block   end    def when(event, transitions)     transitions_for[event] = transitions   end    def trigger(event, payload = nil)     trigger?(event) and change(event, payload)   end    def trigger!(event, payload = nil)     trigger(event, payload) or       raise"Event '#{event}' not valid from state '#{@state}'")   end    def trigger?(event)     raise InvalidEvent unless transitions_for.has_key?(event)     transitions_for[event].has_key?(state)   end    def events     transitions_for.keys   end    def triggerable_events { |event| trigger?(event) }   end    def states   end  private    def change(event, payload = nil)     @state = transitions_for[event][@state]     callbacks = @callbacks[@state] + @callbacks[:any]     callbacks.each { |callback|, payload) }     true   end end

One quote

Nothing in life is as important as you think when you are thinking about it.

Daniel Kahneman

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